look at her red shoes

It's no secret that I think Drew Barrymore is oh so adorable. When I saw these photos of her, taken recently in New York (I have no idea by whom), my eyes immediately went to those VAVOOM red shoes. I'd want to get married in those shoes, or perhaps wear them in a burlesque revival show. The fact Ms Barrymore can even walk in those shoes makes me admire her even more. I would topple over.

She's oh so retro chic in this outfit; like a movie starlet from the 1950s.

This is a departure for Buttercupped; when do I ever starlet gaze? But, Ms Barrymore is worth it, specially in those shoes. Can you tell I have a thing for red shoes...?


  1. You go Caren! My bff and I have a guilty pleasure of buying some crazy star mag every now and again, it's fun! And We too would be drooling over these shoes!

    I have a thing for red shoes myself, although I don't think I could manage that height easily. I wrote a post about "standing out in a crowd" not long ago...one of the markers is the red shoes...nothing else says I'm fabulous like they do!

  2. Omg I want to watch Ever After...

  3. She's so girl crush worthy! (as are her shoes).

  4. Um, yeah... there is no way I could even stand in those shoes. Wow!


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