a moment for nature

i love bugs.
not those annoying little buzzy kind or the kind that has a colony wanting to destroy my plants,
no, i love the cool otherworldly bugs.
the ones that really do look like they are from another planet.
i also love flowers. specifically after a rain.
which means, what i really love is rain droplets
on blossoms & greenery.

grasshoppers are awesome little creatures.
i never tire of watching them hop, flutter, fly, climb, jump, stay still.
i admit, i end up sounding like a loony when i have a chat with one,
but they almost look like they understand. 

this little (BIG) critter was hanging out on my umbrella.
what IS he? he's gorgeous, is what he is.
almost adopted him!

for all those who get creeped out by the insect world, i do apologize. but you have to admit, these guys are less creepy & more cool. right? :)
~a very buggy Caren


  1. fantastic captures!! that last one is a cicada! they are amazing (those noisy things you hear coming from the trees!).

  2. Ana - thank you! I thought perhaps it could be a cicada, but had never actually seen one in person before. He was so cute, I really do wish I did adopt him. I'd name him Mike. :)

  3. cicada! yes! Maybe when he molts, you'll find his "skin" hanging on a tree branch or something. my husband likes to freak me out by placing them near me when i'm not looking. they're startling!

  4. I saw the coolest beetle on my last camping trip! He was HUGE and had bright blue accents on his black shell. Bugs may be creepy and crawly, but some are so bright and colorful! And many of them work hard in my garden (spiders, worms, ladybugs) so I have to respect them!

  5. caren, they are cute! with their wide-spaced eyes. i wonder why disney hasn't monopolized on their cuteness with a character yet. if you're ever able to get a close look at their wings, they can be so pretty and iridescent.

  6. I really liked the wide eye set on the last one too! I'm not so sure aobut being bff's in real life, but I enjoyed your buggy pictures of them!

    just playin' along with the "soulemama", this moment,a moment friday thing...posted a most wonderful piture of a piece of "garbage" I picked up...I think you'll like it!
    Happy weekend!

  7. Great pictures. I've never seen a grasshopper in real life before. That first one looks fake -- like he's made of stone or something! Very cool.

    speaking of grasshoppers...I found this online:



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