running out of time.

i picture a woman waiting to run away, 
her eye on the clock, 
her heart on her sleeve

{shoes: thrifted, vintage}
{suitcase: thrifted, vintage}
{polaroid: running out of time}



  1. I love that phrase "her heart on her sleeve."

  2. You have some beautiful pictures!

  3. Sanchez - It's so easy to be the one who shows all her emotion, like she's wearing it on her sleeve.

    Tina - I want to run away almost daily. Run away to where, I've no idea (nor what I'd be running away from).

    Heather - thank you for the compliment! :)

  4. Lovely photos, I love the vintage luggage and the Polaroid!

  5. Very pretty collection of items in that photo! I like your poem too.... although I picture a woman at work, that's probably just because I'm putting myself into it! :)

  6. oh this is so lovely. I have just returned home from being away for 6 weeks, but all I want to do is pack up and run away again. This is lovely.

  7. She's so neat and tidy, too! What an adventure she's about to embark upon.

  8. oh i like this. so glad you shared this week!


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