Small Town Ontario Road Trip, Hastings

On our way home, Hastings, Ontario beckoned us.
This is Part 2 of a Small Town Ontario Road Trip...

Astrid a'leaping! Wouldn't you leap too, if you saw blue benches & a bright yellow wall? Love!

We found shelter during the thunderstorm that hit when we arrived. What a sky!!

Snapshot of the cafe/shop's sale goods being rained upon & blown all over. I told the young man working that his products were getting wrecked, but he just smiled, shrugged & said he'd get them later. That made me smile.

Skipping. There must always be skipping! {Astrid & I after the storm hit}

We stopped in Hastings for a drink. Ended up in a wonderfully quirky little Cafe-thrift-clothing-candy-jewelry store. Yes, it was all of those things in one place. Really good baked treats from a Portuguese bakery in Toronto. Plus, such a wide variety of *stuff* that it truly was a one-stop wonder shop! I think I'll end up in Hastings, Ontario again one day.

Next up, Assumption, Ontario aka 'the one with Mary in it'.
Part 1 of the Series: Warkworth


  1. gotta love roadtrips! and the yellow wall too

  2. I have a nephew, but my brother is about to become a dad again really soon and we don't know if its a boy or a girl. I'm secretly hoping its a girl this time so that we can do these kind of fun things :)

  3. ...not that you can't with a boy, but you know - they don't quite appreciate yellow walls and blue benches as much as girls tend to :)


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