Small Town Ontario Road Trip, Assumption

On the way home, we arrived in the village of Assumption. The town was named for Our Lady of Assumption, the church that was built in the 1950s.

Mary greeted us, beneath a heavy sky...

I've always found this particular statue to be a powerfully classic visage of the Virgin Mary.
She was striking, standing there, with the dark stormy clouds behind her.
She practically glowed.

Assumption, Ontario, is the final installment of the 3-part Small Town Ontario Road Trip series.
I think Mary is a perfect ending to our little trip through the little villages outside of my hometown. Our Lady of the lost & found helps you find your way home again. :)

Happy trails! I hope you get to have a little adventure somewhere close to your home, too.
Part 1 - Warkworth
Part 2 - Hastings


  1. beautiful!
    the whole trip was just great...
    Thanks for sharing it!


hello! Thank you for taking the time to say a little something; I do appreciate reading your thoughts & ideas. ♥