Small Town Ontario Road Trip, Warkworth

You're in Warkworth, Ontario, so please wipe your feet...

The sign that greets you upon entering the local cafe. Charming, n'est pas?

Myself & Astrid, one of my fellow road trip travelers, in front of said cafe.
Where, I might add, the owner thought we "dined & dashed"!

The Yellow Bordello, a delightfully yellow building.
Did not go in to find out if it was, in fact, a bordello... can only hope it is!

Found out Warkworth, Ontario and Warkworth, New Zealand are sister towns!
This photo shows clocks that keep time in both these towns. Nifty!

Astrid enjoyed the ducky/platypus stuffies found in the Cheeky Bee shop. Oh so yummy beeswax candles to be found here!

I love round things. This is a very pretty round thing!

Yesterday, I spent a lovely day with family/friends. A girls day out, in fact. My mom, my goddaughter Astrid & her mom Michele, & myself, all went on a mini road trip to celebrate Michele's birthday. We decided on Warkworth as the final destination. Wonderfully, we got lost on the way (don't you love that? makes the trip that much more interesting!), so a 40 minute drive turned into well over an hour.

A pretty blue glass ring I bought in Warkworth. {photo by Astrid}

Warkworth, Ontario has plenty of artsy & home decor gift shops. It's amazing how such a tiny little village could have that many! It seems to be the only attraction on the main street - art & gifts. Not complaining, mind you! Somewhat saddened by the fact there is not one thrift shop to be found in this quiet village. Ah well, c'est la vie!

This is the first post of a 3-part Small Town Ontario Road Trip series. The rest of the series will be scattered throughout the day. Enjoy the trip! :)


  1. aww lovely! i had to giggle at the "dine and dash" thing. have you seen roadside prophets? (i'll link the trailer below)... reminded me of the "free food for the poor!" bit...

    anyway, looking forward to the rest of the photos...

    ~ ana


  2. Ohhh, Warkworth! I'm going tomorrow. You have to tell me - did you hit Campbellford? Wait, the Busy Bee wouldn't have been open yesterday! Crap.

  3. thursday - I wanted to hit up the Busy Bee so bad (as did Astrid & Michele), but alas, 'twas the wrong day.
    I am hoping to make it out to Campbellford sometime next month, though - on a Thursday! Say, is that where your name came from? 'Cause Thursdays seem to be the day for thrift shopping...

    Ana - I haven't seen Roadside Prophets, but now I have to! Thanks for the linky! :)

  4. If you love lardy doughnuts, then you have to go to Dooher's in Campbellford and get the cream filled ones. SO trashy good, they are a real weakness of mine...

    I love your little road trips! I feel sorry for all of these small towns and a lot of them have some pretty redeeming qualities that no one seems to care much about anymore - including the back woods towns folk (my personal fave).

  5. Becke - 2nd time I've heard of Dooher's - which means I simply must take a visit & get me some trashy good donuts!
    I love taking a daytrip out to a wee village town. I used to do it much more often, so am happy to be doing so again!

  6. I had never heard of this town! I just googled it and I'm 3 hours away. Looks like a fun day!


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