Sunday Smile: 6am

My Sunday 6am bike ride.

Family Time: Mama, Papa, & two Fledgling Osprey

My 6am Polaroid, of Osprey nest & Dam.

I hope to make this a regularly scheduled program in my life. 6am bike rides (or walks). It's the best time of the day. 
A not-quite-awake time.
A blurry-eyed view of the world time. 
A time of day when you can wander aimlessly & it's okay.

Never look back?

I got up, threw on the closest articles of clothing, grabbed my cameras & my bike. And went. And didn't bump into another soul. Just birds and squirrels.
This made me smile...


  1. Caren - It is a lovely time of the day. How do you take your own photos so well? Congrats on the recent etsy front page!!!

  2. I love 6AM :) I like to get up before everyone else so I can enjoy the nice summer sunshine and a book!

    Looks like you had a lovely ride!

  3. Wow hats off to you, I wish I was a morning person but I'm not however I know that if I was I would appreciate that peaceful beautiful time of the day!!

  4. I quickly fell back to sleep after that early morning outing! My intent was to keep up the hustle & bustle, but instead, bed beckoned me back. :)


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