Sunday Smile: Pillow Dog (Part 2)

Grace snuggled herself inside the pillowcase, as well as resting on top of a 2nd pillow.

I find my puppydog Grace like the above pretty often now.
I first blogged about this oddity in May. Since then, I catch her semi-regularly.
She is a pillow head.
She also likes to scoot up under the blankets so that her head rests right beside mine on the pillow.
I think I forgot to tell her she's a dog.

Puppies in pillows make me smile.


  1. that's so precious...I just squealed like a little girl at the cuteness :)

  2. Kristi - I squeal at cuteness too! :)
    Zoe - she is a catdog, yes! meow woof!
    p.s. you guys totally made me smile extra this Sunday


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