Uppercase & a Dress

A couple of nifty things to share.
  1. a dear friend lent me 2 of her Uppercase magazines to get lost in
  2. a new red & white party dress found its way into my closet
I merged the two into one photoshoot:

{Issues 4 & 5 of Uppercase magazine}
{a framed piece - little girl dress - by Michele Karch-Ackerman
{Framed vintage patterns}

Turns out, the red dress also fits my dear friend Karen too (pictured above, twirling)!
It's the Sisterhood of the Traveling Dress! :)

Now to get lost in Uppercase universe...
p.s. Michele Karch-Ackerman can be found in the most recent issue of Uppercase (#6), in the 'Is it Creative? Is it curious?' section on page 11. :)


  1. love reading a post full wonderful things that make me smile!

  2. Have fun getting lost in the Uppercase world! So glad you got your hands on some. Cute dress too! :)

  3. You karens could be twins :)

  4. Alison - yay to making you smile! :)
    KLT - just realized that's Uppercase #5 in your profile photo! Gotta love that fox!
    Iris - 'tis true, the Caren/Karen twin factor definitely exists!


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