Etsy Front Page ♥ RepurposefulPUNK

The Vintage Apartment found its way to the Etsy.com's front page again, thanks to the lovely Carmenmerie of RepurposefulPUNK!

She chose my vintage Orange Crush bottles for her treasury:

Today IS the Day - the treasury that Etsy picked for front page action:

Here's what Carmenmerie at RepurposefulPUNK says about her Etsy shop:

"I love vintage clothing and making new items out of the cool things if find while thrifting. My favorite thing is turning an outrageous 80s sweater in to a cute fun dress. My goal is to included upcycled..repurposed..or eco-friendly fabric and materials in all of my designs."

Truly, Carmenmerie creates the cutest styles to add to your retro-cool wardrobe! I love the fun-factor of her  upcycled '80s fashions & fresh designs! Here's a few of my faves:

The cute-punk factor is swoon-worthy, isn't it? There's lots of kitten wearability to be found at her shop; always a plus! That Barbe cameo top is so awesome. And rompers? Well, I have a soft spot for those wonderful creations.

You can find Carmenmerie on Twitter & on Facebook, too!
Plus, she has a vintage clothing Etsy shop: I Adore Vintage

Thanks Carmenmerie (the girl with the coolest name, too!) for bringing my Etsy shop some front page love. ♥
p.s. RepurposefulPUNK and myself are members of Curation Nation, an Etsy Treasury group of stylin' pimps of fabulous Etsy items.


  1. OMG! You ROCK Caren. Thanks so much for the feature.


  2. How cute is she?!?! Congrats on the front page Caren!

  3. Well, congrats again to you Caren on a little Etsy front page action!

    And you know the coolest people! Carmenmerie is so cool! And I covet those bangs!


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