fuzzy kitten goodness

This is not my kitten, nor my cat story. This is my dear friend Leigh's fuzzy kitty goodness.

Her name is Diane (or Di or ditty)

She's rambunctious! A perfect kitty, for sure! Look at her perfectly round spots!

This is Diane with her new big brother Jack. Yes. Jack and Diane.

This is Monty. Dear beloved Monty, who passed away a little over a week ago.
 Monty & Jack were brothers, and the best of friends. 
The sadness in the house of Jack was high, so wee Diane was brought in to bring new life & sense of balance.
I think it's working...

Monty, you are loved. Always. Diane will take care of Jack & Leigh now. 

~Caren, who loves her friend Leigh & her kitties very much


  1. Ahhh, poor Monty. I'm sure he's happy that Jack isn't alone :) I love the name combo. Fantastic song!

  2. sweet kitty photos!
    jack is so handsome!

  3. I'm so sorry about your kitty! Your new addition is so beautiful though. I love the photos. So adorable.

  4. They're all beautiful cats. Maybe Monty is playing with my girl, Pepper, at Rainbow Ridge. *sniff* {{hugs}}

  5. She is just so sweet. Poor Jack mustn't know what to do with himself with a lady in the house!

  6. Aw, I'm sorry to hear about Monty. Diane looks like such a little furry cutie!

  7. I'm sorry about your kitty. Jack and Diane look so cute in that photo! I wish I could have a kitty too but I'm sure my dog would be jealous!

  8. There is a mysterious intelligence in the eyes of cats. I love your photos!


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