last night: Michael Kaeshammer

Michael Kaeshammer, boogie-woogie piano man extraordinaire! {source}

I was waiting all summer long for August 25th to come around, so I could rekindle my love affair of Michael Kaeshammer. He is utterly swoon-worthy to listen/watch live. He handles a piano the way you'd like a man to handle... well, you get the idea. Sometimes he's fast and furious and you can't even keep up with his pounding of the keys, then he teases you with little melodies and flirty banter. Did I mention he can sing, too?

The man couldn't keep his piano bench on the ground, he played so hard.

I first caught Michael Kaeshammer 5 or 6 years ago. I had never heard his music before, but when I saw his name pop up as a jazz pianist/singer coming to town I immediately got tickets. Researched him a bit, loved the little bit I saw/heard. And BAM! Seeing him live was a revelation. Since then, I kept tabs on his career and hoped for his eventual return to my town. Fast forward to 2010.

Having a chat with his audience.

Michael did a Wednesday night (free) show at our local Musicfest. I usually end up catching one of the shows of this summer-long free music event. The last time I went, was to see another jazzy Canadian named Matt Dusk. Can you tell I like the jazz? All I had to do is grab a lawn chair and head out to Little Lake, buy some kettle corn and get entranced by some crazy piano playing. Not to mention the bassist, Mark Rogers (dude, that man can play some serious funk!) and drummer Mark McLean (who beats his drums with rhythmic style).

Michael & Mark McLean cutting up the stage with their dueling piano & drum act.
They were so fast, at one point it was all a blur! A neon blur.

One of the many food concession stands at the Musicfest. Look at all that cotton candy!

The Musicfest is one of the many things I love about the city I live in. Free music all summer long? Hello! Next up is this weekend's free Folk Festival (which happens to occur practically right next door to me). Like music? Move to Peterborough. It's that simple.
Also, can you tell I have a crush on Kaeshammer? I think I made it a little too obvious...

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