the one where the horses played

Oh, how the horses played!
I was mesmerized.
They frolicked and pranced,
Then sauntered over to my outreached hand.
I shooed their flies from their regal faces,
Giggled at their silly behavior.
I left them, heart full.

Taken during a road trip with a friend (which has enough fodder for a few blog posts, this is the first of the bunch).
Polaroid taken with my trusty Sun 600, and the delightful Impossible Project's Edge Cut film.


  1. Funny, I never think of horses as playful animals, but that photo is beautiful.

  2. Love the photo...our boys are playful like that in the pasture most days!

  3. Zoe - I've seen horses frolic before; it's one of the most beautiful sights. I was so thrilled that I actually got a photo of them doing so! :D

    Juliette - what a true blessing, to be able to witness these creatures on a daily basis!


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