the one with the spider

no word of a lie,
i spent about 40 minutes watching this spider
make her giant web
mere moments before a storm hit
and destroyed her work of (purposeful) art.
i was captured by the bright orange colouring and striped legs
what a fashionable little spider she is!
she also donned a white mod flower design on her back,
but she was too shy to let me photograph it.
what a creepy crawly wonder of nature she is.

p.s. i found her earlier today, building a shiny new web post-storm.


  1. Beautiful! I love Orb spiders and the webs they spin. They're very strong too, I've walked face first into a few...

  2. I wish I wasn't so terrified of spiders...they are pretty fascinating.

  3. Orb spiders - how cool! I didn't know that's what type this one was. Pretty name for a pretty spider.

    Kristi - I have equal parts terror & fascination with spiders. The fascination wins out when I see ones such as this, outside. Inside? It's another story altogether. I'm a silly squealy scared little girl when I find a spider in my kitchen sink.


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