Saturday is for... the Silver Bean

Spent some time at a favourite cafe this afternoon. The real delight is the outdoor space, not to mention their Iced Mocha & ginger cookie (heaven!).
The cafe is called The Silver Bean.
It resides right next to the water, where you can rent kayaks/canoes/paddle boats.
The loveliest of city parks is right beside it, called The Millennium Park - only native plants, trees & shrubs were planted (my favourite kind!).
Here are some photos I took of my quiet, happy moment-in-time at the Bean:

Grace loves going there, too!

Adorable little boy was pushing freshly picked blossoms around in the stroller.

The Ginger Cookie! (best of its kind, from The Planet Bakery)

The busker with the pipes, who played Amazing Grace.

I wish one of these gals were me! One day, I need to learn to kayak.

The breeze was wonderfully refreshing, the sun wass warm on the skin, the air so clean. Happiness encapsulated within weather.

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  1. Wow, what a gorgeous place! I love it when only native plants are planted too.


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