she waits

"she waits"

i love it's process, it's ethereal quality, it's blueness.

i took this photo of Astrid during our fun photoshoot on Saturday. she's my muse. she wore her grandmother's wedding dress & we used nature as her altar.
♥ caren
p.s. just found out (via Impossible Project's twitter) that they have a contest on best PX70 FF shot. i entered this polaroid in hopes of winning a chance to be an official tester. *fingers crossed*


  1. Good luck Caren! The shot is lovely.

  2. Good luck as well!

    I absolutely love the picture. I hope you win :)

  3. This is seriously beautiful. WAY TO GO!!! I hope you win the contest...you definitely deserve it.

  4. wow. this photo is stunning. thanks for sharing!! xo.


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