SoFawned's 2-Year Bloggiversary Giveaway!

Yes, that title was a mouth-full! My friend & neighbour, Desiree of SoFawned.com fame, is having a sweet little giveaway to honour her 2 years in the blogosphere. Des' blog was the first one I ever paid any attention to, partly because I knew her, but mostly because it was and is, such a delight! Even though I know Desiree in person, and got to witness her pregnancy & subsequent mother-to-a-current-18-month-old, her blog relayed all her daily stories so eloquently & photographically that I wanted to find out about her goings on virtually too!

If it wasn't for Des the fawn, I wouldn't have known exactly what to do to start my own blog! She helped me figure out the basics & then how to edit it all. Because of that help, I was able to make a blog of my very own. Thank you Fawn! :)

Here's what delightful goodies she has put together for us to win:

from left {Tiny House crayon roll, My Girl Thursday's tote, Buttercupped's embroidery pack}

I donated a Sublime Stitching I LUVE VEGGIES pattern (so fun!) along with 6 embroidery flosses, 4 mini thread spools, a fun scarf & a smattering of vintage buttons. I chose the retro shades of green, orange, blue & yellow.

Visit the ever delightful SoFawned.com to enter!

If you've been following Buttercupped for a while, then you'll know that I post photos I've taken of Desiree's littlest fawn, little G, from time to time. Most recently, it was the Polaroid I took of her just the other day! :)

~a fawned Caren


  1. Yay! One of my favorite blogs! I was going to donate a gift certificate, but totally forgot about it! [Sorry Desiree :( ] But it looks like she has a great giveaway going anyway!

  2. This is all so pretty!
    I love your blog, it's so colorful :))

    Kisses from Portugal

  3. I fall for those 6 embroidery flosses! Very lovely <3

  4. Your blog is great, found it from So Fawned's giveaway post. I am loving all the vintage/thrift store finds- it's one of my favorite activities!!

    Breanna- Allergic Adventures


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