Sunday Smile: dog meet princess

This is the story of Princess Claire and my dog Grace. It's a very short story.
Princess Claire asked her mother and I if we could "go back to the puppy" during our outing.
When we finally did  return to my home, Grace was overjoyed.
Princess Claire was equally joyful.
Grace acquiesced to all of Princess Claire's orders.
Except, Grace wouldn't stop kissing her.
I don't think Princess Claire really minded, though. 

The smiles never ended.
note: this is a part of the previous post's (the one where the horses play) events. more posts dedicated to this day of fun to continue!


  1. such wonderful pictures. it's the life!

  2. Absolutely cute pictures. I love puppies licking little kids' faces. So sweet.

  3. Princess Claire doesn't stop talking about the "puppy" she is in love!

  4. translating Grace's whines & barks: "where's that adorable ginger-haired princess? i want to play with her again!"


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