take me for a walk!

this is Gracie asking me, silently, to just go ahead and walk her already! :)

I'll be away for a few days, starting tomorrow. I've been busy preparing for my short cottage getaway over the past couple of days, and tomorrow is the day I actually leave. yay! I'll try not to focus on the weather forecast that calls for rain EVERY day I'm at the cottage. Grace will be utterly aghast if she has to stay inside the whole time we're at a pretty lakeside locale. Me? Well, I did want to canoe a little and do many nature walks, but I'm bringing lots of books, Scrabble, & Big Bang Theory to keep me occupied on rainy days!

I've scheduled blog posts to happen during my away-time, so that things don't get stagnant around these parts! My Etsy shop, The Vintage Apartment, will remain open while I'm away.

I think I'll miss the internet a little. But only a little! (ok, twitter withdrawal is a given)

Have a beautiful week, my friends. Bring in September with joy in the heart!


  1. Enjoy your getaway, dear neighbour!

    (I'll send the boy to feed Captain Strongpaw -- she likes him a lot more!!)


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