Tiny Fig's Buttercup

My new buttercup pendant from The Tiny Fig! :)

I ordered this sweet buttercup necklace from The Tiny Fig when a fellow Etsian (and buttercup gal) ButtercupBloom sent me a link to it (she had bought one for herself and somehow knew that I would want one, too!). For those of us who love the buttercup flower, its cheerfulness, it's daintiness, how it makes your chin glow yellow if you love butter ... well, this pendant definitely hits the happy mark!

Other charmers from The Tiny Fig's shop that make me smile:

This one is from Buttercupbloom's shop, and I have to share it because a) she showed me Tiny Fig's buttercup and b) this owl is just the cutest little buttercup!

Enjoy the cuteness! I hope these finds make your inner buttercup smile, too. :)


  1. adorable! Buttercups are my favorite. The first day they bloom is always the best day of the year!

  2. Dita - isn't is just the most buttercupperiest of all owls? :)

    Kristi - I ditto your sentiment! (wish we lived closer to one another; we could watch the buttercups bloom togeth!).

  3. Here's the Buttercup Power!!! Thanks Caren, you rule! xo


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