The Vintage Cabin

So, here's a little love for The Vintage Cabin.
Not that she really needs too much extra love, 'cause she is currently in the Etsy Finds Decor Storque article - this is a very big todo, for those who don't know. It's like, the biggest of Etsy love.
And Becke, of The Vintage Cabin, deserves the extra notice!
Have you seen the photos of her home?
Here you go:

the Kitchen! oh, I do love a checkerboard floor!

la boudoir (the cat makes the room purr)

the Office (um, hello? I'd never leave work...)

Pierre (who obviously owns that fab vintage chair)

It was all kinds of awesome that an item from my shop was featured in that same article. My little saucy red Dansk sauce pan. For a moment, I thought perhaps Becke had a say in what was chosen, but nope, it was all by happenstance. So, thank you to the Etsy peeps for choosing me to go along with such inspirational decor!

Find The Vintage Cabin here:
Flickr (where the above home decor photos come from)

Now, to find a way to wheedle myself into Becke's life so I can move in with her...


  1. i want that office! and that kitchen flooring! and that dog! oh...too far? oh well :]

  2. I want that kitchen, I love that kitchen! x

  3. Oh Caren this is so sweet! Thanks so much for writing a post about my old house. I was really happy to see your pot alongside my stuff and as I said, if you're ever down near the lake (Cobourg area) just let me know. I will make you a cup of tea and some cake (sans gluten even!)


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