We were Busy Bees

I finally got to Campbellford to check out the (infamous) Busy Bee thrift shop! And when I say finally, I don't just mean that I've wanted to go for a long time. There was Navigator issues on our way to this unknown territory. Two directionally challenged women helmed the car. This meant it took us a little bit longer to get to our destination than it should've. But, boy, was it fun getting lost along the way!
(we also got a bit lost on the way home, but luckily Jen has an iPhone - we followed the little blue ball all the way home!)

This gentleman sat on that couch for a long time; I wonder if he's still there?

Snapshots of a day spent in good company (people & vintage chairs alike!)
Tim Horton's Campbellford made a sprinkled donut specially for the Princess Claire.

Jen (aka luckyjackson on Etsy) and I had these smiles plastered on as soon as we saw the thrifty bounty!

a few of my favourite finds (including a roll of vintage wallpaper, bits shown here); plus the popcorn popper! it's orange! 

the owl mirror? yah, I love him.

This is the 3rd part to a series of posts dedicated to this day of happiness. Isn't it wonderful to spend an entire day with a good friend who shares your passions/obsessions and doesn't mind getting lost along the way?
Previous posts from this day include 'the one where the horses played' and 'dog meet princess'


  1. I absolutely adore that owl mirror.

  2. Poke, poke.
    When can I come and hang out with you two ladies??
    I still haven't met Jen's kiddos!


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