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That bottom lip is the poutiest, sweetest bottom lip, ever.

I was wonderfully surprised by a visit from my brother's family a little over a week ago. This included my nephew Chris, his girlfriend Nicole and their precious little girl Madilyn (my grand-niece!). I don't get to see Mads very often, so it was such a delight to have lots and lots of moments with her. I wish I had taken more photographs, but I was simply too into being with the family to take the time to grab my camera. Grace loved her time with little Mads, too!

me, Mads & Grace

My nephew Chris and his adoring dog-cousin Grace.

I mentioned to Chris that I found the photo that was taken of us being arrested by Stormtroopers years ago at a comic book convention. I forgot to show it to him, so I'm publicly revealing it here:

{stormtroopers took my nephews Jon & Chris and I hostage}
taken long, long ago at a Toronto Fan Expo

That last photo makes me pine for conventions! I used to go relatively often, so I could immerse myself in all things comic book geek(chic). It was awesome that I have family that share the same love of scifi/comic/geekery.
And the geekery continues in my goddaughter Astrid, who's blog post exposes her love of such things too! Neverending smiles!
♥ family

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