The fashionable Dachshund

Inspired by the 1/3 bit of Dachshund that my pup Grace has (probably my favourite part of her, but shhh, that's a secret), this post is brought to you by the fashion-savvy wiener / sausage / doxie dog.

{photo by Patrick Lichfield of Grace Coddington, 1964}

{sausage brooch}

{Sir Tom's natural hemp with screenprinted dachshund/folk pattern}

{novelty print vintage dress}

{vintage Bavarian Trachten skirt}

{Kerry Beary's shopping dachshunds}

{simple silhouette dachshund earrings by A.N. Original Jewelry}

I could've kept on adding pretty doxie things to this post, but I thought I'd better stop at this and let you feel the wiener love. :)
~Caren & Grace


  1. OOO i adore all things dachshund!~ I have a doxie :) just love them

  2. Such a great idea! I love the humble sausage dog! I think I'll have to copy you with a post about my favourite animal, the russian blue kitty cat.

  3. Sausage broach rules! And "feel the wiener love" is officially my new pick up line. Great post!

  4. Wiener dogs rule! Thanks for this post! from Vintage Eye & Oscar!

  5. Zoe - I just visited your blog and LOVE your Russian Blue kittycats! meow! So happy you did that post. :)
    visit the post here:

    Karl - haha! I think 'feel the wiener love' will get you lots of *ahem* attention. ;)

    power to the doxie! (so happy Grace has a little bit of wiener in her!). ♥

  6. Super cute stuff! Thanks for including my skirt. My mom actually has a dachshund now, so I'll definitely be sending her the link to this post. :)


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