The Great Escape: day One

the date, en francais! {took a photo of my perpetual calendar every day at the cottage}

first thing I did: stepped into the crystal clear water

2nd thing I did: bring book up to perfect reading spot {book: Shiver}

Grace immediately found happiness in the form of a bone.

I went outside a lot during the rain, with & without the pretty paisley umbrella.

I constantly found my way back to the water.

Grace stayed inside during the intermittent rain.

Excerpt from my tweet-style Away Journal:
  • walked in the rain twice
  • watched first 3 eps of Big Bang Theory (brought 1st season to cottage)
  • played game of cribbage; I sucked, but ended up winning by a killer last hand!
  • ate mini cupcakes
  • heard, then saw, Northern Flickers. ♥ those birds (impossible to photograph)
  • Grace immediately found a dog bone, which made her an idiot. A whiny idiot. Bone was taken away by day's end.
  • I ♥ Shiver, one of the many new books I brought with me. It features a Romeo & Juliet style werewolf boy & teenage girl love story.
  • love the sound of the Ardbeg train late at night; ghostly & soothing.
my mom & I, happily cottaged

to be continued with what happened on Day Two at Gooseneck...


  1. I don't think I realized until NOW, just how much your ma and you look alike!


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