The Great Escape: day Three

the usual suspects (feet in water)

what I did every chance I got.

the hummingbird stayed on the laundry line for quite a while. drying off post-rain?

had a lovely chat with this little chap. he cocked his head at me oft.

Scrabble games aplenty! (I won this particular match)

my normal hang out spot, complete with camera bag.

the sun setting created the most gorgeous golden glow.

Excerpts from my Away Journal, tweet-style:
  • rain. grey. damp. moments of pure light.
  • daydreaming a lot (some featuring wolves, thanks to the book Shiver)
  • wished I had Astrid with me, 'cause we'd do fun photoshoots
  • sunshine & happy breezes took over! yay!
  • dragonflies passed me by, whispering in my ear, then vanishing
  • Elegance of a Hedgehog - what a delight!
  • ate some nippy cheese (Imperial), better than chocolate
  • time goes by slowly here
  • sat by the water to watch the sun set, slowly.

This day was my favourite day of my getaway. It was the slowest of days. The rainiest, but also the sunniest. Best of both worlds.

to be continued with what happened when I left paradise...


  1. that sweet hummingbird captured my heart.

    lovely images!

  2. you are making me so jealous with these posts!

  3. Diane - that particular hummingbird had me at hello. I saw him everywhere; wished I could take him home with me :)
    Kristi - I'm making myself jealous of myself! ;)
    Posting these make me miss the serenity/quiet quite a bit (must find a way to incorporate that into my everyday).

  4. Hello from Ana's Friday Archive Dive
    your break sounds and look absolutely splendid!

  5. what a collection of relaxation. all those images speak to me as well. i hope you get the break you need... til then, there's always getting lost in these photos. amazing how they can take you away.


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