The Great Escape: day Two

I was always on the look out for the blue heron that nests nearby.

a Parisian luncheon at la cottage (wine spritzer, croissant, stinky cheese, apples!)

Grace loved looking at/walking in the water, but not swimming.

I, however, did swim in the vastness of this crisp clear lake.

the view from my favourite perch. I could never tire of that sight.

Excerpts from my tweet-like Away Journal:
  • got up. went back to bed shortly thereafter
  • went swimming in the still lake. sun shone briefly. lovely moment in time.
  • Grace went crazy when I was in the lake; ended up covered from tip to tail in gross stinky mud!
  • got into the bathtub with Grace to wash said gross stinky mud off her. fun.
  • played Scrabble. kicked ass.
  • chased dragonflies. my how they dance!
  • watched hummingbirds flit to and fro.
  • had a Parisian style lunch out at the cafe set; felt very International.
  • finished reading Shiver, with Grace snuggled up. peeked out at the trees & water from time to time.
the opposite view from the dock; love how chilled out Grace looks.

Somehow, I read more when I'm away from home. Voraciously. Unstoppable. I need to get away more often, so that I can read more books.

to be continued with what happened on Day Three at Gooseneck...


  1. Sounds like a dreamy trip and what great photos!

  2. Thanks Emily - it was indeed dreamy! (I dream I'm still there) :)


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