The Great Escape: leaving paradise

I brought my camper mug with me, for the optimum tea experience.

my favourite dishes at the cottage: vintage red fondue set & lobster sugar/creamer!

Grace was asleep on my lap as soon as we got in the car.

I want to go back and buy this Trillium camper. Isn't she the cutest thing?!

the most beautiful donut ever created (it's a buttercup filled with lemony goodness!)

a rainbow (or at least a stub of one!) greeted us upon our return to the Kawarthas.

Away Journal tweet-like excerpts:
  • overcast. raining, non-stop. no sunshine on our last day.
  • spent over 8 hours traveling home. Eight. Hours.
  • lots of stops - random ones for me to take photos/polaroids. Oh, and Tim Horton breaks aplenty!
  • took Polaroids of a concrete dinosaur, a sunset, a Trillium camper
  • oh, and I want that Trillium camper! $5,500 is the asking price. Too high. :(
  • went thrifting! yay! At the Sally Ann in Huntsville. I meant to get in & out in 20 minutes. An hour later... 
  • stopped at a giant yard sale! picked up 3 adorable things.
  • So many tacky places & signs in the North to stop off at, which I did not, but want to go back to Polaroid
  • every time I go through Bobcaygeon I think of the Tragically Hip.
  • the end of a rainbow appeared at the end of our trip. no more rain. stunning panorama. glorious homecoming!
the end result: 674.6 km of road trip glory

So that was my Great Escape of September 2010. 4 days worth of road tripping, cottaging glory! Want to plan another trip in October, but happy to be home.  :)

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