The Great Escape: prelude

A road trip is always full of unknown joys. From the fast food drive-thru for a greasy breakfast to many little stop-offs along the way; it's a wonderful mystery ride. This is how it was on the way to a friend's cottage, about 4 hours away, in a tiny little town called Ardbeg.

my first-ever McDonald's coffee - I was surprised by its robutstness!

puppy kisses on the way!

a field full of mini horses. bliss!

a dead tree with fisher price toy houses nailed to it. creepycool!

Slow: the sign you see upon driving up the lane to the cottage.

This is the prelude to my 4 day stay at a far-away cottage in the land of Ardbeg, at a lovely piece of heaven called Gooseneck, a cottage on the water.

I started an away journal during the Great Escape; and ended up doing the daily journal entries in tweet format. 140 characters or less, bullet form. That was how my withdrawal from twitter took effect. 
  • a blue heron flew right in front of the car, as if by magic
  • saw tiny horses. took photos & a polaroid (sad: polaroid did not turn out)
  • intersection in Burk's Falls has everything you'd need: groceries, LCBO & a Timmie's
  • Grace hung out on a pillow on my lap the entire trip to the cottage
  • went through two towns with 'Falls' in their names, but did not stop to look at any falls
  • passed by (longingly) at so many antique shops
  • such a pretty drive - changing landscapes kept it interesting
  • Grace knew when we got near Gooseneck, as if she remembered...
I've got lots of photos & stories to share from this lovely getaway (oh, about 7 blog posts worth?!), so sit back and join me on The Great Escape. This'll take all week long to share! :)
~a very relaxed Caren


  1. oh i love roadtrips... especially in fall, with the colours it brings. thanks for sharing a part of yours. (i like the creepy cool tree!)

  2. Sounds like a grand time! You know, I've actually heard good things about McDonald's coffee...maybe I should try it sometime.


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