the handmade Dachshund

It could be that I'm a bit doxie-centric. I already did a post dedicated to the fashionable Dachshund a few weeks ago, but here I am again, focusing on that lengthy wiener dog. I can't help it.
In fact, I'm making a statement right here, right now: The Dachshund is the new Pug.
There. It's been said.

This post is dedicated to handmade art that gives some love to the doxie. All of which were found on Etsy.com. I do realize I spend too much time looking for dashchund-related objects on Etsy, but can you blame me?

Weiner Dog by bee things

Bag O' Doxies by Sweet Little Birdie 

hand-painted doxie pendant by Heather Kent

Lucy the wiener dog by Friends of the Socktopus

Wiener Love by Poor Dog Farm

May the wiener force be with you!
~giggling Caren


  1. haha so cute! MY neighbors have one...he's quite old now, but he used to run around like CRAZY.

  2. So fun!
    Those pillows are so fresh looking !

  3. These are so cute- I love Doxies- Don't have one but my neighbour has TWO.

    Lovely to find your blog- and nice to 'meet' you!


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