a mid-afternoon snack

I often get hungry around 3pm, which is pretty common to most people. Today, I decided to make an easy in-between meal using organic low-sodium tortilla chips and a not-that-healthy nacho cheese sauce. I no longer have a microwave (yay!) so use the little orange sauce pan to melt most everything. It makes for a yummier sauce, whether it comes out of a jar or homemade.

I find using pretty/happy dishware makes a simple snack into something more special. So, from the use of the cute tiny orange saucepan to a vintage spoon rest, all the way to my favourite blue bowl & one of my many vintage juice glasses - well, I enjoyed this afternoon snack all the more!

~snacky Caren


  1. Hmmm, looks goood!
    I'm glad I found a fellow microwave non-user (non-microwave user?). We had a built-in one in our old apartment, and in the 1.5 years we lived there, I've only opened it twice. Once when we moved in to check for any weird, dead things, and the second time when we moved out, to check for weird, dead things.

  2. Gigi, you made me laugh so hard!!! At least the microwave had some sort of function, to house weird, dead things. ;)
    I don't miss my microwave at all. I thought I would, but nope. It was just an ugly, unhealthy thingamajig sitting on a shelf taking up space.

  3. Yarm! What a delicious (and artistic!) looking snack! I have been hungering for nachos for a few days. I too am a non-microvaver. The only thing I miss it for is heating up the wheat bag I use for my sore muscles!


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