music: OK Go

Haven't heard of OK Go? I hadn't heard of them, either, before my goddaughter Astrid showed me this video on YouTube. Then I had to watch all of their videos. And visit their website and learn as much as I could about them. Next stop? Buying an album (or two).
If you are new to them, then prepare for laughter and good vibes, plus a healthy dose of body-moving-inducing music.
I loved that they posted on their blog about how vexed they are that their record label won't let people embed their videos on their blogs, etc. So, they have the above Vimeo for us to share. Go team OK!


  1. I've heard of them but never listened. I love this! Glad I finally got to listen to them :)

  2. I LOVE the Rube Goldberg version -- so amazing! Such a freakin commitment!

    Ryan and I spent a LONG time watching these videos a while back -- so much love.


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