the one with the banjo

If I haven't mentioned it before, I am going to now: I love the banjo. For years, I've wanted to learn to play or at least just own one so I could look cool holding it. I think people who play the banjo have an instant It factor. 'Cause the banjo is just that awesome. I have a crush on Steve Martin 'cause he plays the banjo.

So, when I went into a pub called The Stinking Rose in Campbellford Ontario, I swooned when I saw a banjo hanging on the wall. I practically choked when the woman working told me I could play it. I tentatively took it off its hook and held it close. It was my first time touching a banjo. It felt so good. I ignored the pretty guitar that hung next to it, but I did fondle the mandolin just a little (not pictured). Yes, I am an instrument tart. I won't even get into the fact that the womens washroom housed a full set of drums.

Whilst at The Stinking Rose, I drank beer (a local micro-brew Northumberland Ale) and stared longingly at the banjo. I got tons of photos of me strumming it, and I'm sure I'm holding it all wrong and I definitely couldn't play a proper melody, but it felt so good to just hold it! One day, I will have a banjo of my very own, and know how to play a few happy toe-tapping tunes.

~banjo-lovin' Caren


  1. The Stinking Rose! I've never been in there believe it or not. Did you enjoy it (you know, beyond the banjo?). I have a certain fondness for that twangy old instrument as well. I collect piles of banjo records for Georgia and I to dance to.

  2. I won't even get into the fact that the womens washroom housed a full set of drums.

    That's AWESOME! And strange... lol

  3. Chantilly: The Good: they serve only micro-brewery beers & you can play the instruments! The Bad: terrible nachos.

    Sarah: My eyes went so large when I went into the washroom to see a set of drums sitting there. I only wish there were drum sticks, too! :D

  4. Best of luck in your banjo endeavours! It is a very cool instrument indeed!


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