the one with the painted turtle

Yesterday, I was out walking Grace. A puppydog big black mutt of a dog came careening into view, causing much hackle-raising on Grace's side of things.
But, the big black puppydog went past Grace and found something else to play with.
The owner of said big black puppydog was worried, so hurried over to find out what her dog found.
It was this, a beautiful painted turtle.
Not to worry! No turtle was harmed in this blog post.
The turtle was, however, greatly admired.
We all oohed and aahed over the pretty little fellow/lass and he/she seemed to be quite social.
We pestered it a bit too long with photographing its loveliness, but then knew enough to leave well enough alone and hope it made it to its nest in peace.
p.s. the kickass black & red Doc Martens shown above (which are not mine, sadly) looked lovely next to the similarly coloured turtle, n'est pas?


  1. Oh gosh, how lovely!!

    Was this in our park??

  2. our park, indeed - and right near the short-legged bench near that big shiny stone/plaque. Y'know the spot? I was sitting there when the big black puppydog tumbled over the turtle. :)

  3. ah! nick and i met that turtle, or a similar one. cool!


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