Saturday is for... friends

Polaroid of Desiree's little Gretchen and my pup Grace tasting the duck's crumbs.

The other day, I spent a lovely early evening with my neighbour & friend Desiree (of sofawned.com), her daughter Gretchen, my goddaughter Astrid and my dog Grace. The polaroid above captured little G and my puppydog Grace begging for some of the bread crumbs meant for the birds.

Below is a photographic summery of the Autumn delights of the rest of the evening:

little G running to give her mama a hug!

Polaroid: SX70 Alpha, Impossible Project's Color Shade
I hope you get to have some quality friend-time, too!
note: 2nd photo, of me & my dog's feet by Astrid.


  1. Aw it looks like you had a great day!

  2. (That link goes somewhere other than Astrid's blog!)

    And thank you SO much for posting these loverly pics!


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