Saturday is for... yard sales!

Myself & my beautiful neighbour & friend Desiree (of sofawned.com fame) held an impromptu yard sale this morning. A laid back affair, that ended up being more about hanging out together than actually selling much of anything. Des, her daughter Gretchen, me and my pup Grace all sat on the driveway, watching the world go by and enjoying one another's company (except for when Grace barked unsolicited). I also love the excuse to wear an apron; and my choice is a blue polkadot number. bliss!

Near the end of our morning outside, my goddaughter Astrid (whose pretty toes you see in that last photo above) joined in on the fun making it even more of a lovely day!

Oh, yes, and I baked chocolate chip cookies to sell (which I did at our previous yard sale, too). We ended up eating more than we sold; not complaining!

I hope your Saturday was filled with as much good company, laughter, and cookies as ours was!


  1. sounds like it was a lovely day! wish I could've swung by for a visit/

  2. Those cookies sound WONDEROUS!
    And I love Gretchen's hat!!


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