she chased the sun home

the girl with the umbrella
left the woods behind
chasing the sun all the way home

she kept a photo
to remind herself
how it felt to have
sunspots dapple down upon her
as she fell down from the sky

Polaroid: Sun600, Impossible Project's PX600 Silver Shade

So ends the escapades of my goddaughter Astrid & I, on a sunny happy day filled with vintage dresses & many cameras. :)
Can't wait to have another photoshoot with Astrid & her vintage dresses! Astrid & I have so much fun doing our mini photoshoots, and she always has the most adorable outfits. It's not hard to see why Astrid is my muse!


  1. The photos are so fun! I love the shadow on the pavement in the first one.


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