Sunday Smile: Polaroid + Robot

they came by water, air and land;
to take over this planet we call Earth.
tiny tin robots by the millions,
or maybe just one.

the robot took my dear polaroid,
quite by force.
now they live together in harmony,
both wanting the same thing:
to rule the world.

all in all, I had to smile
note: Impossible Project's Edge Cut 600 & my Sun600 Polaroid were used to take the polaroid (but that's an SX70 Alpha in the last photo)


  1. is that a polaroidcamera? or am i completely wrong? haha

  2. ps. adorable tin robot! love it!!

  3. This is interesting, I've seen a few people do this robot location picture taking thing. Gotta love the robots I guess!


  4. Jenny - that is a polaroid camera (SX70 Alpha - the folding type). Thanks for complementing the robot, he likes that. :)

    Eva - I haven't seen other robot location pictures - wow! To think, it's a Thing! Gonna go scout it out on Flickr.
    p.s. yup, gotta love the robots ('cause they'll take over the world one day... )


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