Sunday Smile: Walk-a-Cat

I saw this sweet little black kittycat out for a stroll yesterday. First time I glanced her was on the shoulder of her owner, just sprawled out & quite content with her outing at Art in the Park. Next time I spotted her, she was walking on a leash, towards me. Obviously, I had to stop and take a snap 'cause it's not very often you see a kittycat getting walked on a leash.

parrot cat!



  1. aw geez i so want to know who those people are and if they wanna be my friend.

  2. This is so wonderful! I once tried to walk on of my cats but she freaked out and wouldn't move. I could have dragged my cat but it doesn't have the same charm...

  3. Ha! Indeed you don't often see a cat on a lead! I can't imagine either of my two digging that ;)

  4. dude, I know that cat!

    dude, I know that lady...


  5. HA! Omg I LOVE how that kitty is sprawled!

  6. Funny pics! I often see a guy walking in our street with his black cat. Once we had a little chat and he told me he does that every day, because his cat is almost blind and this way he can keep an eye on him during his daily walk. Aw, isn't that cute?


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