Saturday is for... Art in the Park!

A sunny (and kinda chilly) Saturday in September spent at our town's annual Art in the Park! I have attended this event every year it's been active; it's something I always look forward to. Not only for gandering at some local artists' art, but to socialize and visit The Silver Bean for a hot drink & a ginger cookie. This year was made awesome by two artisans in particular:
my girl thursday: Chantilly had cookies to give out! Hello! Pumpkin cookies. In a vintage cookie jar (as seen above). How delicious!
jackson creek press: always a joy to see Jeff's old school letterpress art on display & have a wee chat (left his booth with 2 more JCP items in hand)

My Girl Thursday makes the sweetest things. I'm modeling one of her smock aprons (reversible!) in the top right photo with her. She also makes chalkboard totes & her newest sweetest thing is the Dolly Face belt buckles. There's a close up of one held by Rebecca, below:

I spent the day with my friend Rebecca, also an artist. We were loud and laughing during our entire time together. My Girl Thursday was equally full of joie de vive, so the three of us had a darling time together. It was hard not to stay with Chantilly the entire time, as her booth was just so yum.  But then we visited Jeff over at Jackson Creek, and were equally delighted. I own some of Jackson Creek's work, and do so adore it. I picked up a letterpress card & a lovely letterpress booklet to draw in. Thanks Jeff!

Jackson Creek Press - a plethora of letterpress design. The upper left photo shows the card & booklet I got for myself. I laughed aloud at the Bart piece, above right.

Me and Rebecca, we were grinning like fools the entire day, I swear. Fools! :)

I hope you had an equally artsy & smile-worthy weekend!


  1. so nice to see photos of the big day, with my girl thursday's creations and all :)

  2. Oh, how lovely!

    Glad you enjoyed your time there, I'm jealous we haven't had an event like that where I live in a long time. It's spring now, so hopefully there is one right around the corner.

    Have a great week, lovely.
    Much Love,
    Norah xxx

  3. it was SOOO lovely to see your beautiful face there (I was secretly hoping I'd see you there) - and then I went and acted the fool (I felt very distracted trying to talk to both you lovely ladies at once [can't multi'task] and feeling like I had to run back to my pal in waiting... all that to say - forgive my weirdness, come for tea soon! xo
    Mel :o)


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