Inspired by: black white yellow

A long while ago, I did a treasury on Etsy that was dedicated to the colour combo black, white & yellow. It's still one of my favourite treasuries; in fact I think I'll revisit the theme soon! But, that's not the point. The point is, it's a fabulous colour combo and also the name of a pretty darn cool blog. I came across said blog, Black White Yellow, via a tweet. I was immediately drawn to the creator's design aesthetic.

I then found myself thinking in black, white & yellow. Whilst perusing Etsy.com, I kept coming across fabulously tacky '80s sweaters in bold graphic patterns. Proof:

Um. So, I ended up revisiting the treasury-making idea:

I think I better step away from this colour palette for a while. I kind of overdid it. I might've hurt something.


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