the one with the 'handrawn facsimile'

"handrawn facsimile" to Poladroid to original photo
A little bit about the behind the scenes over at The Vintage Apartment. Lots of Etsy sellers do little extras with every sale, whether it's sending a professional business card, a neat extra thank-you gift, etc. For myself, I do up mock polaroids (using Poladroid) of the item they bought as a thank-you. It's become The Vintage Apartment's signature stamp.

Except, now I've given up using my printer for a while (thanks to the price of ink and the hiccuping my printer has been making), I decided to to do hand drawn versions of the Poladroids.  I do these sketches quick & dirty - no second chances! I look at the Poladroid & do a quick pencil sketch. Then do a little inking. The final stroke? Writing  'handrawn facsimile' on the sketch (note: I know "handrawn" is not a word - I accidentally merged the two words into one non-word - and I like it!).

This process has started me doodling more often, creating characters and inspirations on paper. I keep forgetting how much I love doing that. 

So, thank you economy & technology, for failing me. :)


  1. What a great idea! I bet your buyers adore those. :)

  2. Oh gosh, how sweet, Caren -- love this idea!


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