Saturday is for... nature walks

When I take Grace for a walk, we use the same walking route pretty much every time; not because it's my intention, but because my dog takes ME for a walk. She knows which way she likes to go. We always end up in the same spot, next to the water on a foot path, where she can run free and be silly & smell the grasses with no interruption. I don't mind that it's always the same, as within the sameness there is beauty. I am able to see the most minute difference each time we take this path. Slightly more yellow in the leaves of one tree, more Queen Anne's Lace gone brown & brittle, a random rock colourfully painted. I'm able to notice the changes within the sameness.


  1. Grace has the energy of a superhero! :)

  2. La Alicia - 'tis true! She can fly! :)

  3. Those flowers are growing right out of your head!


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