Saturday is for... Play Dates!

This play date didn't actually occur on a Saturday, but we can keep that to ourselves, right?
That being said, Saturdays really would make for a fabulous play date day!
This particular playful gathering occurred on a Thursday. A most wonderful Thursday, at that.
I spent the day with one of my nearest & dearest, Jennifer of Lucky Jackson fame. She finds herself on my blog quite often, actually. Hi Jen! (I know you're reading...)

My first time in her home, and I fell in love with every little corner! Her studio is stuff of dreams.
The embroidery & vintage plate art is her own work. Swoon!

Jen has the prettiest tattoo I ever did see, she also has the coolest glass cherries in her van.
Grace had the BEST time playing with Jen's daughters. And I sported my new red shoes.

Ellie couldn't wait to get off the bus and start playing with Grace! Clare & Grace are best of friends.
There was a proper Tea served, too (egg salad sandwiches, mini cupcakes, lemon poppyseed loaf!!).

Clare-bear tossed many a leaf at Grace (who was not as impressed as I was).

I hope you get to have play dates! It's Thanksgiving weekend in my country of Canada, so if you're celebrating it this weekend - go and PLAY!
~playful Caren


  1. Aw, what a fun post about a fun time! So much cuteness!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you :)

  2. We had a blast!!! Claire hasn't stopped talking about it! Happy belated Thanksgiving darling!!!


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