Sunday Smile: the cupcakes

Astrid & I baked cupcakes today.

We ate a lot of batter.

Before filling up the cupcake liners with a vintage ice cream scooper.

Pretty little pieces of heaven. For the mouth.

Whilst eating an un-iced cupcake outside, Grace busily begged.

Cupcakes are tasty fresh out of the oven. With a side of apple juice in a vintage glass.


I love a good excuse to wear an apron. This one was so perfect for autumn!

I am eating a cupcake right now.
p.s. Here's Astrid's blog post about our Cupcake insanity.


  1. These were insanely delicious and didn't last long in our kitchen! YUMMERS!

  2. yumm...my! Next time email me some of those delicious cupcakes. (I REALLY wish that was possible)


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