Thanks for the pastry!

On this weekend of turkey, pie, & giving of thanks, I baked my favourite treat - cinnamon pastry rolls! It's better than pie. It's just flaky pastry with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon rolled up inside it. Be still my beating heart! So, I made up a tray - sadly, this doesn't not amount to as much as it should. It lasted a day, shared with my goddaughter & her(my) family.

For pastry, I always use the recipe found on the Crisco shortening packaging. It's so flaky yummy. It's the same recipe my mom grew up on. Can't go wrong with a classic! What's your favourite pastry recipe?

Happy Thanksgiving Day! I am thankful for the people in my life, for the beauty that surrounds me in nature, and above all, for great pastry.
~a thankful Caren


  1. That is a cruel cruel photo lady! There's nothing that tasty looking in my house, and I haven't had flaky pastry since I stopped eating gluten.

    I only learnt this week that Canada has a different Thanksgiving to the US! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Ooh that looks delish! Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

  3. Zoe - http://www.celiacteen.com/2010/gluten-free-pie-crust/ - Celiac Teen has some awesome recipes, one of which looks to be her pie crust. :)

  4. Whoa! This looks SO good, neighbourita!

  5. Des - tiny morsels of butterysugary goodness. next time, though, I'll make a double recipe so I can share them with my neighbour! ;)

  6. These are my favorite dainties....my American family always looks at me crazy when I suggest we do this with the pie crust tailings. Sometimes I'm a real stranger in a strange land!

    Yours looks delish.


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