Vintage Paper & an Owl

Oh happy day! Clarification; the entirety of the day was not happy, but this particular part of it was. But you probably didn't need to know that part. So, onto the happy bit!

See? Now that's some happy stuff going on right there! I got these vintage pretty stationary & ephemera (+ the adorable fuzzy vintage owl) from Etsy shop Kittens at a Party - how could I *not* shop at a place named Kittens at a Party?! I love having such a positive Etsy experience, and Kittens is one of the best.

Here's a couple other goodies from Kittens at a Party's Etsy shop:

I kinda want those owl S&P shakers ... so cute! Now to start getting into writing real letters! Mind you, I find most of this stationary pretty enough to frame ...
~stationary Caren


  1. Oh no! But glad that day looked up...how could it not with all this fun! Feel better!

  2. Stopping by from Ana's Friday Archive Dive

    Yummy papers and some precious little owls too!

  3. the papers are beautiful! and that fuzzy owl, so sweet.

    thanks for sharing caren. i just love old papers for writing, crafting with or just plain admiring.

  4. Stopping by from Ana's Archive Dive. What fun vintage goodies! I shall have to keep my eye on that Etsy shop :-)


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