Blogiversary Winners Announced!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment on my first year blogiversary giveaway! I loved reading about what made you smile/be happy. I think it's sweet that the winning entries got happy for rainbows & kittycats. So, without further ado...

First Prize winner!:

Gigi said... 
Amazing giveaway! I love your new domain/blog name, so cute!
One thing that makes me happy: rainbows. 

Second Prize winner!:
Rosa Blu said... 
Oh, and actually there are many many things that make me happy, but my faves are: to travel with my dear hubs (this year was a superduper year for us with travels to NYC, CA, London and Paris!) and coming back home to our beloved kitty cats... *bliss*
Love from a sunny Amsterdam! 
Congratulations Gigi & Rosa Blu! You are Tea & Chickadees first giveaway winners! I am so excited to send you out happy little packages of handmade love. Plus, Gigi, you get to spend $50 at The Vintage Apartment! Don't spend it wisely, nor on other people. Splurge on something that makes you smile, makes you happy!

Rosa Blu, I think you deserve a little something extra. So, you get a surprise $25 shopping spree at The Vintage Apartment, too!! I'd love to send a little something to Amsterdam!

Here's to another year of Tea & Chickadees, a place that honours happiness in all its mysterious ways. A blog about the little things. :)
hearts and giggles,

I used Randomizer.org to do the choosing for me. Seemed to fancy 8s a lot, n'es pas?


  1. Woho! Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway Caren! I can't wait to receive these goodies and go on a shopping spree!

  2. YAY!! I just woke up and this was the first thing I read when I opened my twitter!! You've totally made my day, darlin'! :)



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