The Colours of Autumn

Autumn is coming to a close.
It's always a sad moment in time when the colours fade, 
and the cold gets a little bit more bitter. 
I went out the other day and captured the remaining colours of autumn, 
before they faded into the white of winter. 
It was a crisp, perfect fall day, and I reveled in it!
p.s. all of these photos were taken from my front garden. I didn't have to travel far!


  1. Such pretty photos! You're lucky you have a lovely pink flower left, enjoy it before everything turns white. And by the way, I'll be so jealous when you get snow, I've never seen snow.

  2. I adore Autumn too (I especially like it's funny 'n' on the end)! Beautiful photos, the first and last are my favourites. Gorgeous!

  3. What a beautiful pictures. I really love this season's colors, so pretty!

    Happy weekend!


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