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Modern fashion illustrator David Downton

David has done numerous portraits of model Carmen Dell'Orefice

Book: Masters of Fashion Illustration by David Downton

I love fashion illustration. It's one of the reasons I adore the fashions from bygone eras, because it wasn't photographs that depicted the magical dresses, it was art. There's something more freeing, visually, in seeing a dress or a suit or a hat in art form, rather than in a photograph. You can use your imagination that much more. I'm not sure if David Downton is as good as his predecessors, but I love that somebody's bringing fashion illustration back into the forefront.

I know illustration won't be replacing live models and actresses, but it sure does make for a refreshing change of visual pace, doesn't it? Let's hope more magazines bring back the illustrated covers! I LOVE the one David did of Cate Blanchett for Vogue (as seen above).

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  1. oh gosh i totally agree, i love these pics!! thanks for sharing!


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